Long Form 7 with Attackers Drill–Part II

Long Form 7 with Attackers Drill–Part II!

What is a Kata ? In short, a kata is a choreographed and structured practice routine or protocol designed to teach fundamentals, principals and concepts.

In American Kenpo Karate, there are 11 Katas, which have themes within each, such as defensive, offensive, stances, and stepping patterns.  These Kata themes correspond to particular belt levels, and progress in difficulty and complexity. Today’s video features a drill of techniques 6-10 in Long Form 7. Long Form 7 is the tenth kata in our system and the first kata composed of 14 weapon techniques.

Five Storms

Reversing Storm

Repeating Storm

Clashing Storm

Gathering Storm

Flashing Storms

Whirling Storms 

Destructive Storms

Shield Storms

Twisting Storms

Twirling Storms

Criss-Crossing Storms

Thundering Storms

Leaping Storms 

 In the book, The Kenpo Karate Compendium: The Forms and Sets of American Kenpo, Lee Wedlake asserts that “Form Seven was originally a double knife form” (p. 313). Below, is a full demonstration of Long Form 8. Nevertheless, the art has continued to evolve and the applications for either double knives or double clubs could be useful.  “The form is composed of techniques very much like the empty-hand techniques to show that one can use a stick as an extension of the arm, a common martial arts concept…” (p. 314-315). Master Wedlake recommends practicing stick use within the system for “proper grip, distance, striking methods, and other rules of motion appropriate for using this weapon.  This is not intended to simply be Five Words with sticks.  There are other rules of motion that need to be learned and understood when using weapons” (p. 315).

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