Zoom Karate with Family and Friends!

Looking for something fun to do with family, roommates or friends? Try Zoom karate lessons!  In your Zoom Kenpo Karate lessons you will learn self-defense techniques that are practical and will help protect you in threatening situations.  Practicing with family and friends is also fun as you try out the techniques with people in your bubble.   What are some other benefits to trying Zoom Karate Lessons during this pandemic?

  1. Keeps you focused on a Goal!—During this time, we are all struggling to manage our time and to a positive healthy attitude. Having a goal is important because it allows you to redirect your energy toward an accomplishment.
  2. Keeps you moving!—We are all disappointed that we cannot resume our “normal” activities and daily exercise routines  at our favorite gyms and dojos.  But you can keep it going by finding a space in your home to practice.
  3. Keeps you having fun—In this very serious moment it is important to find ways to have fun with one another (and honestly it is a little fun to karate chop your partner).  Zoom karate can help you keep light and easy.
  4. Keeps your focus and discipline trained—During stressful times, focus is ultra important.  Training yourself to learn and execute techniques is rewarding because it allows you to maintain your attention and self-discipline.
  5. Keeps you investing in your mental health and happiness—Even during this difficult time, it is important to invest in your emotional health and if karate practice makes you happy, chances are you will be happier with each day passing!

Try a Zoom karate lesson and make it a fun time with family and friends!