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Flashing Wings with Extension

FLASHING  WINGS (front right step through punch)

  1. Standing naturally with feet together, step to your left on a 45* angle with your left foot (to 11 o’clock) as your left inward blocks on the outside of opponent’s right arm and your right arm cocks to your right hip (fist clenched and palm up).
  2. Shift into a left forward bow as you deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to opponent’s right ribs (with your left hand guarding and employing the bracing angle concept) which follows through and by-passes opponent’s ribs.
  3. Shift clockwise into a horse as you execute a right horizontal outward elbow strike to opponent’s right shoulder blade (just under it) as you simultaneously execute a left horizontal outward heel palm claw across opponent’s face.
  4. Continue to  pivot clockwise into a right wide kneel (facing 5 o’clock) as you deliver a right hooking chop (out and diagonally while anchoring your right elbow) and left chop to the back of opponent’s neck.
  5. Shift counter clockwise into a left wide kneel as your left hand checks and pins opponent’s right arm to himself and your right hand chops (thrusting with the palm up) to opponent’s throat.
  6. After your right hand chops (thrusting with the palm up) to opponent’s throat, your left foot circles clockwise to sweep his right forward leg (outside in) the almost in the same move, your right foot circles clockwise (inside out) to buckle his right leg, as you execute a right palm heel thrust to opponent’s face (your left hand is checking at this point).
  7. Grab his face with your right hand and with your left band bracing on his back to assist you in turn him around counter clockwise and with his back to you while still maintaining your hold execute a right knee kick to opponent’s spine.
  8. With your right leg still in the air, deliver a right side thrust kick to opponent’s left back of knee to buckle him further, and while crossing out from your last kick, rip his face with your right hand toward 9 o’clock.
  9. Double coverout to 9 o’clock.


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Our adult and teen martial arts program has beginning and advanced levels, both aimed at learning America Kenpo Karate while having fun and getting fit! The beginning level for adult karate (ages 14 and up) builds agility, strength, and coordination, while cultivating the age-old martial arts principles of focus, discipline, and perseverance.

For White through Black Belts, Adult Karate Classes focus on self-defense strategies and karate fundamentals, all the while providing a great workout. Adult karate classes build basic karate skills such as stances, foot maneuvers, blocks, kicks, and strikes, in a fun and energizing environment! Adult karate classes help to develop and maintain fitness, speed, balance, strength and agility. Instructors individualize instruction to different belt levels so that students can work at their own pace.

The advanced adult kenpo karate program, emphasizes speed, recognition, control, power, and automaticity. Advanced level students learn variations of techniques that allow them to improvise and formulate effective self-defense martial arts strategies for real-life attacks!

Advanced Karate Adult Classes, for the accomplished martial artists of rank 3rd Brown Belt and above, focus on a rigorous and challenging curriculum with advanced level execution of techniques and katas. Adults in the advanced karate training class learn: to adapt the curriculum to real-life scenarios, as well as how to execute advanced combinations and sparring strategies.

Adult karate classes are offered in the evenings and during the day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Monday and Friday night technique lines offer students the opportunity to practice material learned in class.

The advanced karate training class for adults is offered on Wednesday evening.

Top 5 Benefits of Adult Karate Classes

  • Strength and Flexibility Training
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination
  • Self Defense
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Camaraderie and Fun!

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